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Massage Therapy

It’s important to take time to pamper yourself. Everyone has stress and tension in their life.  Whether work has you feeling down or your muscles are aching due to exercise, a therapeutic, relaxing massage can do wonders for rejuvenating your mind and body! Our experienced therapists can reduce the stress and tension that make tired muscles feel miserable and often lead to illness. Massage therapy can help your physical well-being by improving circulation, eliminating toxins and waste, improving muscle tone and relieving swelling of joints.  It can also drastically improve your mental well-being by helping you to relax, re-focus, and rejuvenate.


Swedish Relaxation Massage

30 min. $52
60 min. $82
90 min. $117

Custom Curative Massage

30 min. $67
60 min. $102
90 min. $142

Pregnancy Massage

60 min. $87

Deep Tissue Massage

30 min. $57

60 min. $90

90 min. $117

Hot Stone Therapy

60 min. $102
90 min. $142

Tailored to your body’s needs, this calming treatment offers the Therapeutic massage benefits of improved circulation and the gentle release of body toxins.

Deep tissue utilizes specific techniques to address chronic pain and tension. This is more targeted and tailored to each individuals specific needs.

A personalized massage that will include additional modalities such as cupping, deep tissue, reflexology, aromatherapy, cbd infused thai foot massage and sticks & stones. Each massage will be different based on the therapist's area of expertise.

This massage involves the placement of heated, smooth, black basalt stones on your body to balance and ground the experience. You are massaged with the stones, allowing the heat to penetrate deep within your muscle tissue for total relaxation.

Pamper the Mom-to-Be. This relaxing massage relieves swelling, aids in blood circulation and reduces back discomfort.

Note: Please receive permission from your doctor before booking.

All prices are subject to change. Starting prices may vary by location.

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